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The Evolution of Roofing Sales

Evolution of Roofing Sales: Transparency, Efficiency, and Respect with ROAM Roof & Solar

In the dynamic world of roofing sales, the hard sell is giving way to a new era of consultative sales. Consumers, especially homeowners, now seek transparency, efficiency, and genuine respect for their time. That’s why at ROAM Roof & Solar, we do things different than most.

Sales Tactics Evolution:

Old-school aggressive pitches are out, replaced by a consultative and informative approach. At ROAM, our team recognizes the importance of education, transparency and efficiency which is why you’ll never experience a “hard close” pitch by one of our Roofing Specialists.

Respecting Homeowners’ Time:

Homeowners value their time, and at ROAM Roof & Solar, we get that. We work around your schedule and guarantee no pushy tactics – just meaningful conversations that respect your time and attention – we’re here when you’re ready.

Power of Education:

In today’s world, you have all the information you could ever want in the palm of your hand. Homeowners want to make informed decisions, they are more informed than ever about their roof. We’re here to provide context, clarity and help you break through the noise to ensure you get the info you need. At ROAM Roof & Solar, we focus on understanding your needs and offering valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about your home.

Chase Coats from Roam Roof and Solar Sales Specialist inspecting a roof.

Transparency Builds Trust:

Transparency is crucial to establishing a relationship built on trust. We’re open about product features, pricing, and any limitations you may need to consider. This is why at ROAM, you will never get a “loosey goosey” estimate. You will always receive a clearly written, line-by-line estimate so you can hold us accountable to what we promise – no funny games. We understand that over the years, the roofing industry as a whole has earned a pretty spotty reputation, and we’re committed to changing that – one happy homeowner at a time.

Consultative Selling in Roofing:

ROAM Roof & Solar is not just about closing deals; we’re your friends in roofing. We have extensive training and experience that allows us to act as a guide throughout the process, helping you avoid pitfalls and unnecessary challenges. We commit to understanding your unique needs and offering tailored solutions so you can make an informed decision – even if you choose to work with someone else.

Building Lasting Relationships:

People do business with and refer business to, people they know, like and trust. That’s why our team of Roofing Specialists at ROAM prioritize education, transparency, and respect – laying the foundation for enduring relationships and referrals.

Efficiency in Roofing Sales:

Time is money, and we respect both. Our streamlined processes, expertly trained staff, proactive communication and use of technology ensure a hassle-free experience for homeowners from the initial consultation to the final walk-through. But, efficiency doesn’t mean losing the personal touch. At ROAM Roof & Solar, we use technology for streamlined processes while customizing each interaction based on your needs.

Chase Coats from Roam Roof and Solar Sales Specialist taking photos of a roof.

In the roofing industry, the hard sell is outdated and out of touch. Modern consumers demand transparency, education, and efficiency. ROAM Roof & Solar embraces these principles to adapt and build lasting relationships. The future of roofing sales is consultative, transparent, and focused on providing real value to homeowners. The next time you have concerns about your roof, or are in need of roofing services, we hope you will choose ROAM Roof & Solar – your friends in roofing.

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